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My most important priority is you the customer. I am an agent for the times. I am extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all your technology needs. Dedicated to satisfying all your needs and making sure your buying or selling experience is as fulfilling and informative as possible. I believe in total and complete honesty above all else and I am committed to making your experience as comfortable and exciting as it can be, after all the buying or selling of your home is extremely important. I do not believe in pressure sales tactics and cheap gimmicks, just knowledgeable service and hard work.

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Lakeview Estate Group

Real estate management involves everything that concerns the marketing, tenancy agreement, leasing, and everything about real estate, property acquisition, leasing, and risk management of properties. Lakeview estate group is a team of certified professional realtors trained to give the best advisement in the real estate market.

Three individuals who have worked as individuals decided to come together to create their agency. Lakeview estate treats clients like kings and queens. Our Real Estate Agents in Lakeview work tirelessly to help you find the best houses and properties in Oakville.

Jack Cekovic, Gino Saullo, and Sam Tomarchio are the trio who jointly started Lakeview estate, bringing their expertise to help clients buy and sell their properties in good time and at the most competitive rates.

Our Expertise

Lakeview Estate group offers the best service in both the purchase and sales of homes and properties.

Home and Property Purchase

Lakeview Estate group helps clients in the buying and purchase of homes and properties. We are an organization committed to helping you find the most suitable homes for you according to your budget and pocket. We are ready to help you decide about home buying by working with your budget, lifestyle, and the kind of home that fits your family size. Buying a home is a significant decision. It is essential to consider factors like where to live, urban, rural, suburban, the types of homes you are looking for; duplex, detached, semi-detached, or a townhouse. However, the location and type of house depending on your budget and your pocket.

Sales of Homes

Are you looking to sell your home because it is old, minor, or needs a change? Lakeview Estate group is at your beck and call.

Selling a home is no small feat as there are several factors to consider before taking the bold step or deciding to sell.

It is essential to understand the market and what it offers at a particular period depending on the demand in the market at the time of selling or purchase. It is crucial to attempt to sell your home when it is a high order, and several buyers are willing and ready to buy. When there are several buyers than sellers, the asking price increases, and the client gets paid higher. Lakeview estate group helps clients get the best time and period to sell their homes at excellent rates.

Our Lakeview realtors are readily available to help find out the fair prices for your homes and properties.

The best realtors in real estate are at Lakeview Estate group, and they will give you the best service. There is the assurance of quality service at Lakeview Estate group.

Strategically located in the heart of Oakville, Lakeview is the best and most trusted real estate agent ready to give you the best and unmatched prices in the real estate market. Lakeview offers the best service in real estate management.

Are you in need of the most trusted real estate group? Lakeview has the best Realtors in Lakeview.

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Lakeview Estate Group

Lakeview Estate Group

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